Shore Family Success Center  is a community gathering place where any Cape May resident can go to for information, support and resources. 


About Us 

Shore Family Success Center is a welcoming and safe environment for families in the community to go for support, family enrichment, and resources. 

Whether you are facing an obstacle and need guidance toward resolution, looking to see what services are available in the area, or you just want to bring your family and allow them to socialize with other members of the community-the Family Success Center provides the environment and resources to accomplish these goals. 

Be sure to check out all of the services provided through the Family Success Center and our monthly calendar of activities to see all the wonderful opportunities available for your family


“We are here to help families survive and thrive in today's stressful world."


Every month, the Family Success Center holds social activities, support groups, children’s play groups, discussion groups, and information sessions on various topics that are beneficial to individuals and families. 

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Strength, Support, Education, Empowerment & Fun For Families! 


Get Involved

We always need volunteers. Would you like to teach a class? We have many opportunities available to those who would like to help in their community. Please contact our Family Success Center for more information.  

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